Also known as ‘open vent’, ‘heat only’ or ‘regular’ boilers, conventional boilers require both a cylinder and a tank.

Suitable for homes where multiple people require hot water at the same time, if you live in an old property with a system that hasn’t been recently updated it’s likely you have a conventional boiler.

How does a conventional boiler work?

Using gas to heat water stored in a hot water cylinder that’s fed by a cold-water storage cistern, a conventional boiler feeds the water for the central heating through the system and a feed and expansion tank.

Keeping the system topped up when water is lost from evaporation, the feed and expansion tank is also used to manage the water when it expands in the system after being heated up.

What are the advantages of conventional boilers?

  • Where the individual components already exist, it will be cheaper to replace the conventional boiler
  • Hot water is available from multiple taps