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Air Source Heat Pump Installation

An air source heat pump is an innovative and environmentally friendly way of providing hot water and heating all year round. We design our air source heat pumps to operate with a Co-efficient Performance (COP) of 3 to 1, so for every kilowatt of electricity you pay for; you get 3 kilowatts of heat output, meaning the system is 300% efficient.

Heat pumps are usually installed to the rear of the property to a suitable exterior wall where optimum heat absorption can be utilised. Contrary to popular belief air source heat pumps are extremely quiet and in actual fact make a similar noise to that of an office table fan.

There is very little maintenance needed for air source heat pumps as there are few moving parts and processes that can go wrong. Heat pumps have been labelled the ‘fit and forget technology’ as a simple annual service inspection is the only maintenance that is required, a service that is provided by Safegas.

We at Safegas Wetherby have teamed up with market leading heat pump manufacturer Mitsubishi to offer renewable heating solutions in the Yorkshire region through their award winning Ecodan range. The Ecodan heat pump technology is one of the most advanced and efficient on the market. Ecodan systems provide a simple, renewable solution that rivals traditional heating systems so you can rest assured we are installing the most reliable products on the market.

How does an air source heat pump work?

Based on the reverse concept of a fridge, heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air, and can generate heat even if the outside temperature drops to a freezing -25 degrees. Using electricity; the heat pump compresses the air and releases it at a higher temperature. The temperature is raised and subsequently used to heat radiators and underfloor heating systems.

Although heat pumps are a relatively new technology in the UK they are tried and tested across much harsher climates like Scandinavia where many thousands of homeowners are already reaping the rewards of converting to air source heat pumps.

Why install an air source heat pump?

What can I expect to save on my annual fuel bills when converting to a Heat Pump based on a typical three bedroom detached house:

On Oil – you could save £500 per year
On LPG – you could save £1020 per year
Use Electricity – you could save £1120 per year
*Based on DECC statistics as of September 2016

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To find out what a selection of our customers in Wetherby think of our air source heat pump installation services, visit our renewable testimonials page.

Our most recent Air Source Heat Pump – Tockwith, North Yorkshire

Heat Pumps are taking over

‘Its official. We are now entering the period that marks the transition from gas and oil heating to air source heat pumps. Max Halliwell looks at the market potential for this form of heating.’

Full article in the Energy in Buildings & Industry magazine –  EIBI JANUARY 2019

What’s wrong with gas hobs? – BBC 2019

Confused by all the information? Ask your questions direct…

Safegas and the Safe Renewables Team recently held a question and answer evening in the Spotted Ox Pub, Tockwith, North Yorkshire on the 28th of  February. Don’t worry if you didn’t get chance to attend, the team will be holding another evening soon. If you’re interested in meeting the team or simply want to ask a few questions, email and the team will let you know when the next question and answer evening will be. 

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