We can help you avoid costly repairs

We have a range of cover to help give you total peace of mind depending on your homes central heating needs.

Whether it’s your boiler, the rest of your central heating system or even your plumbing – we can help you avoid that expensive breakdown when you least expect it.

Add plumbing cover to any existing plan

from £3.15 extra per month


✔ Includes repair and replacement of hot and cold water pipes

✔ Pipes that burst as a result of severe frost, gas pipes from the gas meter to the boiler and other gas appliances

✔ Cold water storage tanks, leaking overflow pipes, all water isolating valves and standard ball valves

You can also add an annual service

for just an extra £4.40 per month!


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If one of our plans could help you, or if you require something more specific you can call us on 01937 588 181. Alternatively you can contact us via the form below.