Leaking toilet

If you’ve noticed small pools of water where your toilet meets the floor or that the flooring around your toilet is especially spongy it’s possible that your toilet may be leaking.

Likely to be caused by a damaged cistern, a cracked toilet pan, or a leaking overflow pipe, a leaking toilet could potentially rot your floor and cause bad odours.

Before you start any repairs you’ll need to turn off the water supply by switching off the internal stop tap and then empty your toilet by flushing until all of the water has drained from the system.

Damaged cistern

A short-term solution, if you find a hole or crack in your cistern this can be blocked with a specialist putty, available from all good DIY stores. To gain access to the damaged area make sure you empty the cistern and arrange for it to be replaced at your earliest convenience.

Cracked toilet pan

Much like the short-term fix for a damaged cistern, once you’ve emptied the pan it’s possible to fill any holes or cracks you find with a specialist putty.

As before, you’ll need to replace the toilet pan as soon as possible.

Leaking overflow pipe

To repair a leaking overflow pipe, drain the pipe until you can get access to the valve or washer and replace the necessary parts.

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