Leaking bath or shower

While no leak should ever be taken lightly, in the case of a leaking bath or shower, immediate attention is required.

If you’re not confident with DIY instructions or aren’t sure if you can complete the job on your own, contact your local plumbing specialist who’ll be able to fix the leak for you.

Commonly caused by movement in the fittings, the first step will be securing these so there’s minimal movement. Follow the instructions below depending on which type of bath you have.

  • Plastic baths

To secure a plastic bath you’ll need to cut some timber supports, and plug and screw them firmly under the edge of the bath, between the main body of the bath and the end walls.

Ensure you apply enough construction glue to keep the supports in place. If desired, you can also place a bearer under the edge of the bath at both ends.

  • Steel baths

To secure a steel bath you’ll need to remove the bath panel and secure the bath itself to the wall using the under-hanging bath lip.

Further stabilise the bath by ensuring the feet are firmly screwed into the base.

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