Fix a broken flush handle

Used constantly, it’s no surprise that after some time the flush handle on your toilet will begin to show signs of wear and tear.

If the flush on your toilet has stopped working you’ll need to replace it following the instructions below.

Removing your old flush handle

  • Remove the top of the cistern and then lower the toilet seat so that nothing can fall in while you work.
  • Unhook and remove the trip lever, which connects the handle to the other parts inside the tank.
  • Locate the nut that holds the handle in place, and unscrew it. As the nut will be reverse threaded, make sure you turn it clockwise to release.

Installing your new flush handle

  • Slot the new handle into position, and screw in the nut, using an adjustable wrench to ensure it’s on tight. To accommodate the reverse threading you’ll need to turn it anticlockwise.
  • Slide the trip lever onto the end of the handle and reattach it.
  • Once your new handle is firmly in place pull it to flush. If for any reason it fails to work, consult a plumber for further assistance.
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