Blocked toilet

Easily clogged with too much toilet paper, a blocked toilet is relatively straightforward to fix.

As soon as you notice that your toilet is blocked, you should avoid flushing as this could cause it to overflow, potentially flooding your bathroom.

A messy job, if you’d rather not remove the blockage yourself, contact your local plumbing specialist for assistance.

Alternatively use one of the methods listed below ensuring you wear protective clothing and a facemask:

Use a plunger

Press your plunger down firmly into the toilet and pull upwards slowly. Repeat at least ten times or until you hear water begin to move along the pipes.

If this method fails to dislodge the blockage you’ll need to check your drains.

Check the drains

Locate your nearest drain and lift the inspection cover. Use a torch or flashlight to detect any blockages.

If you spot a blockage in the chamber you’ll need to clear it. Try using a wire coat hanger or a stick. If you need something longer, you may need a specialist rod.

If you can’t see a blockage in the drain, it’s likely that the obstruction is located somewhere between the chamber and the toilet pan.

Check the toilet pan

To clear a stubborn blockage you’ll need to insert a flexible drain cleaning wire down through the pipe at the bottom of your toilet pan.

Do this when someone else can help you as you’ll need them to keep an eye on the drain to see if the blockage has dislodged. If something is visible in the drain chamber it should be removed immediately to prevent further blockages in the system.

Use chemicals

If you still haven’t managed to remove the blockage, try a chemical drain cleaner or caustic soda. Ensure you follow the instructions carefully and always handle and dispose of chemicals safely.

If none of these solutions help to unblock your toilet you’ll need to contact your local plumbing engineer.

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