Smart meters

Scheduled to be installed in every British home and small business by 2020, under the national upgrade scheme, smart meters are a new kind of energy meter.

What is a smart meter?

Automatically sending electronic readings to your energy supplier, a smart meter will provide real-time information on how much energy you’re consuming and how much it is costing you. They are not to be confused with smart thermostats, which offer more control over your household heating usage.

How does a smart meter work?

Whether your smart meter will use wireless technology or not will depend on the type you have installed, but the basic functionality will be the same.

Saving you from having to submit regular meter readings, homes with smart meters installed will automatically send readings to energy suppliers.

Why should I get a smart meter?

New smart meters have three main benefits:

  • Accuracy

Smart meters’ ability to talk directly to energy suppliers means the end of estimated bills. With a new smart meter, you’ll only pay for the energy you use.

  • Hassle-free

With a new smart meter you no longer have to submit meter readings yourself or wait for an engineer to come to your home.

  • Transparency

Enabling you to monitor your usage, smart meters provide a real-time data display helping homeowners to fully understand what they are paying for.

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