Find out how you could improve the energy efficiency of your home by investing in the right boiler for your lifestyle and budget.

Boiler and Heating Problems

No hot water or heating? Find out how to troubleshoot common boiler problems with our handy step-by-step guides.

Energy Saving

Helping you reduce your bills and conserve energy, read our energy saving tips and enjoy the benefits of increased efficiency.

Gas Safety

Providing tips on how to keep your gas appliances in good condition, learn what to do if you suspect a gas leak.

Plumbing Problems

Sink blocked? Burst pipes? Troubleshoot common plumbing problems with our handy step-by-step guides.

Green Energy

A guide to green energy solutions that produce electricity or heat from a source that is naturally replenished.


Full of tips on how to insulate your home, you can reduce your heating bills and increase efficiency with insulation.

Government Grants

Tackling fuel poverty and helping Brits use less energy, there are several government grants that you may be eligible for.

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